Design & Contracts

Whittle has a long history of using the latest technology to fabricate cutting edge joinery. Our proven abilities using 3D CAD to make designs come to life and our well-equipped workshop have provided us with the facilities to evolve our creation and fabrication processes.

Whittle’s team are more than just fabricators and joiners. We assist throughout the design process, suggesting materials, manufacturing processes, and installation methods while ensuring that our projects come in on time and within budget.

  • First Steps

    We work in partnership with our clients, breathing life into their distinctive visions and designs.

    Throughout each project, our clients receive the attention of our dedicated and experienced design manager, who assists throughout the design process and who is always on hand to suggest materials, manufacture, and design methods.

  • Visualising Designs

    Using Inventor 3D software technology, we transfer our clients’ designs straight to one of our CNC machines.

    This reduces the need for manual programming and enables architects to visualise their joinery designs.

  • In safe hands

    All of our manufacturing takes place under one roof at our factory in Christchurch.

    With 40,000sq ft of floor space, we have been able to fill it not only with the latest equipment but with a team of dedicated and experienced joiners.

  • Bring designs to life

    Our team fabricate and create by combining a meticulous eye for detail with the latest technology, heritage craftsmanship and joinery techniques.

    This attention and care are displayed in every finished project.

Case Studies